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Additional Services

What You Need

Fuller Brothers Funeral Home offers a wide variety of funeral, cremation and remembrance products to enable you to pick the perfect item for your needs. Contact us to find out more or to see our selection in person.

White Limousine

Limousine Rental

Many Options

Church/Banquet Facility Rentals
Photography/Videography Service  
Assistance in filing insurance/social security paperwork/claims
Assistance in filing for Military/Veteran Benefits and Headstones
Security Personnel/Motorized Escort


Charter Bus

Varied Selection

Whether you need to accommodate 18-58 passengers, we have luxurious motor coaches available. Motor coaches are equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, restroom, cd/dvd video players, tvs, and p.a. systems.

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Granite and Bronze Memorials

A Personal Choice

Our granite and bronze memorials come in a wide variety of styles and materials, allowing you to reflect the style and personality of your loved one. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have or to get more details.


Horse and Carriage Services

The horse drawn funeral carriage, A magnificent goodbye!

Every life is extraordinary. The celebration of that life should be just as remarkable.
There is an unmistakable dignity conveyed by a horse drawn funeral hearse. The sight of a pair of horses pulling a Victorian glass carriage makes for a memorable final journey. Sleek and well-mannered black Friesian horses, or elegant snow-white steeds, are the breeds of choice for most companies providing this traditional send-off. A coachman and driver turned out in immaculate livery accompany the funeral carriage, highlighting the significance of the occasion. Whether you select a carriage in solemn black or gleaming white, none will forget your loved one’s farewell.

Additional Services: Merchandise

Dove Release

The white dove release is done for all types of religious and non-religious ceremonies. Typically, one pure white dove is released at a funeral symbolizing the departed loved one's spirit leaving the earth and rising up into heaven.  There can be three doves released symbolizing the Trinity. Sometimes a whole flock of white doves is released symbolizing previously departed family and friends and then a single dove is released to join the flock waiting and circling above. Then all fly off together.
The white dove symbolizes peace and love and the presence of the Holy Spirit. For those mourning, a dove release is a way of releasing a loved one to heaven.
Instead of or in addition to flowers, a White Dove release for a funeral or memorial is one of the most memorable gifts to give to a loved one. The trained white birds will soar into the sky, usually circling any number of times in a group before returning to their home lofts at distances up to several hundred miles.
A family member may release the doves from a heart shaped basket. The doves ascends into the sky and circles the area and moments later, a single white dove, representing your loved ones spirit, is then released by a family member. The single dove joins the flock and all together they make the flight home.
Our goal is to help make the dove release as  personal and appropriate for you and your family as possible.

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